Nikon announces "mirrorless slr" on the way

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You are wrong

GaryW wrote:

Several? LX3, G11, Ricoh-something... um...

One, two, several Even the G9 had it, so counting discontinued models the number grows.

None from Sony... but this is all beside the point. I was hardly suggesting that RAW be the definitive feature of an SLR. Strawman argument.

You were suggesting that raw is the great equaliser.

How many compact cameras have RAW, larger sensor, interchangeable lenses, etc.? I think I would put the m4/3rds cameras in the same category as Nex, and they are all more capable than the compact cameras.

I aggree. Completely. Wholeheartedly. But "not being a compact" is not the same as "being an SLR". It's an entirely new category, which has more in common with a Leica M8 than with an R9. A bit of foresight on DPR's side would have resulted in a separate forum for this new category. It will catch on.

If you added RAW to the HX5V, that wouldn't make it a Nex, but if Nex didn't have RAW, didn't have PSAM modes, didn't have such photographic features, and the only significant feature was the larger sensor, then I'd be the first to say that it is a P&S. But it has such capabilities, and it's not fair to lump it together with the P&S crowd.

I think potential user will see it as an alternative to SLRs. Canon's G11 is also an alternative to SLRs. An alternative to an SLR being grouped with SLRs sounds, well, strange.

The only reason DSLR fans call everything without a mirror a "P&S camera" is to denigrate it.

Point-and-shoot is a question of how you use your camera. There are point-and-shoot (scene mode) settings on the A900.

So, I don't want to put Nex in a DSLR category -- why do you want the Nex cameras to be in the same category as P&S cameras?

If forced to choose between the two, as we seem to be forced to for some reason, the Nex is closer to the DSLR in capability.

I've been using the Nex for a few days, and the only things lacking weren't related to the mirror but to the lens range.

That'll change.

So, calling the Nex a P&S is the camera equivalent of calling it a mere "grocery getter". Not all smaller cars are equal.

I'm not calling it that. You are calling compact and bridge cameras that.

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