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Re: You made an important point that all should consider.

I had the good fortune in the late 80's to spend 2 weeks driving from Portland thru' Washington and Idaho, down to the northern tip of California and then up the Oregon coast back to Portland.

I have to say the scenery was pretty impressive and was continually changing, much like in NZ. The locals were all really friendly people - especially when they heard an Aussie/Kiwi accent. Here in Oz scenery can be plain and repetitive in some places yet quite spectacular in others - distance/time can be a problem getting from one spot to another.

I hope to return to your nor west again some day and visit my cousins in Idaho as well as some of the National parks.


J A K wrote:

zoooming wrote:

You have an advantage in the number of times you've been able to go to the Grand Canyon to not have to worry about taking a camera sometimes and 'taking in' the scenery.

I didn't suggest leaving the camera at home, merely to keep it at your side for a while and soak in the view before shooting.

Yes, you are right ... I have an advantage having visited the GC so many times and leaving the camera at home works for me; this was just an example to stress the point (don't let the camera interfere with the scenery) that I was trying to make.

It's different though going on a safari - which you don't often get to do. Imagine if you saw a 'once in a lifetime' wild animal shot and you never had you camera with you. How would you feel?

Like dog poop.

Am I correct in assuming the Grand Canyon topics would be mostly landscape while safari would be animals? I'd imagine the safari would have more variable opportunities in that case.

Your assumption is correct ... on a photo safari in Africa my camera would always be on lock-and-load mode. The GC is pretty much limited to awesome scenery but I should point out for first-time visitors that there is a limited amount of wildlife in the area (big horn sheep, elk, and condors to name a few).

I've found that whenever I return to my homeland (NZ) after living in Oz for 32 years that I take photos of scenes I took for granted when I was younger and never gave a second thought to back then.

I'd LOVE to visit your homeland; NZ is on my list of places to see. Of course I'd also love to see Oz but unfortunately I can't seem to talk my wife into making the trip there; in fact we had that conversation about five or six hours ago.


Joe Kurkjian


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