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Re: Not SONY? What about Micron? (just my guess)

Hi Ronald,

litebyte wrote:

Hello Michel,

Do you know maker of D700 sensoren
Is it not strange that Nikon does not make own sensor?

I assume (I don't know, I heard about D2X/D3/D3S sensor) that the producer of the sensor of the D700 is Renesas/NEC. The sensor is very similar to the D3 but seems to have a tiny better output.

Investment in chip and (large) sensor production is very costly, not strange that it is not made by Nikon itself (they seem to have complete control over the design of the sensors) Better that you use a partner to do the production for you with all the production know-how already. I don't say with this that Nikon does/did not produce sensors their self, but not those of D3/D3S and assuming not of D700.

BTW nice picture of your daugter blowing bubble.

Thanks, took it in the garden, geen zwart plakband nodig!


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