15" Macbook Pro vs T60 (IPS Flexview)

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15" Macbook Pro vs T60 (IPS Flexview)


I have been a long time PC user and recently my Thinkpad T61 has been dying (need to replace HSF) and a friend pointed me to a really good deal on the 15" MBP.

This isn't meant to be a Mac vs PC discussion. I'm a Unix user so they both suck. Just kidding, anyways I'm curious about the quality of the MBP display. I am on the road a lot so I don't have an external monitor to plug into, even when I get home, so my laptop is it for better or worse. Here are my options:

a) $1299 for 2.66 GHz (pre-i5/i7 not sure what chipset) MBP 15" with 4GB RAM


b) ~$1,000 Frankenpad. Thinkpad T60 shell (15" IPS Flexview display) with T61p motherboard Quadro 570m and Penryn T9500 (2.6 GHz) upgrade with 8 GB RAM

I know some of you are wondering why I'm considering a Frankenpad because I lose out on warranty and etc but the reality is that when I'm on the road (more often than not) I'm hosed even with warranty. No Apple / Lenovo service centers where I usually go. If the Frankenpad works I'll build another using eBay parts for a spare. Both would use my 250GB SSD

As 15" MBP's go though, that's a really good deal, though I need to repurchase all software. My question since I have never done serious editing on the MBP I am wondering what you guys think about viewing angles, color reproduction and etc. The IPS display is really good. MBP won't ever have IPS again until they get IPS to thin down and right now its not possible (how they did it for iPad I have no idea). There was a comparison a long time ago on Rob Galbraith where he compared the T60 to the MBP but that was then. I am wondering if the MBP has improved. Because this will be my ONLY display so want something good. So what do you guys think? How do MBP's compare with IPS screens?

Anyways, I'm hoping for useful feedback not a PC v Mac discussion. The PC solution will obviously be cheaper. Any problems with the MBP overheating (CPU or GPU) ? The T61p and 570m have a problem where the GPU overheats but there's a mod I would use to fix that.


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