Micro Four Thirds for Street Photography

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Micro Four Thirds for Street Photography

Hi all,

First time venturing into this forum; I posted on the Olympus and they recommended I post my question here.

In the past year, I've been lazy about lugging my Digital Rebel camera with me because although it's relatively small, it's still pretty large. And out of bias or principle, I just refuse to buy and use a P&S.

Now I want to try my hand at street photography. I live in NYC and I'm wasting my time here every day that I don't shoot. So I've been wondering about how the micro 4/3rds will perform as a street photog camera, since it has a small size but packs an SLR performance. I know very little about this platform, and am starting my research.

Could you guys give me your impressions on how they perform in real life on the street? I don't have a specific model in mind...would be nice if you could suggest a starting point. As stated, I come from Canon 350D and consider myself intermediate in skills.

My primary performance criteria:

  • picture quality & accurate rendering (ie low distortion)

  • low shutter lag, from the moment btw pressing shutter button and exposure taken

  • good quality of family of lens for future upgrades

  • fair balance between quality and affordability of lens for today upgrades

  • versatility - will be used mainly for street photog, but hoping to use for everyday events too

  • advanced controls for an enthusiast/amateur

  • intuitive controls and workflow

  • fun to use

  • optimistic future and support for the platform (such as new lens will be out, camera support from major software, good accessories, etc)

  • good value for the money

So based on the above, is M4/3rds fit what I want? And if so, could you suggest a few cameras to begin my research? On paper, this platform sounds like it'd be right, but I'm especially interested in your experience for use on the street.

Appreciate your input.

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