Nex 3 text frames with kit lenses [img]

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Re: Will post RAW-link, here is the link to the RAW file of the car image

bloomoose wrote:
Hope it works.

Yes, it did!

For what you are trying to do, you should (IMO) have "overexposed" that image by one full stop. Then you can pull down the high tones. Now the image is perfectly exposed for direct use, I would say, and I think it's a nice shot as is; but one stop more exposure of the shadows would have helped with noise.

For resolution, you can't expect more than this. Look at the guardrail on top of the roof to the right. If your 6Mp S5 can do that, I'll eat a bug. if you crank up the sharpness with a very small radius, as you seem to have done, you will get lots of fine detail but noise will also be higher (especially when not exposed "for output" as of above). Nothing to do to get around this I'm afraid...

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