Show her, she's beautiful

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Show her, she's beautiful, part 2

Dear all,

your retouches had big success, especially the painting like I needed to print for her. My nody brother in law told her, it was from love, but it is another story , I will kill him later. Side effect from that succes was, that gals envy and asked me to do one more as a small wedding gift for the on the left. (Nurses :-))
If you would have fun, I appreciate you to help me.

I plan to merge faces from both pics or improve left person eyes on the first , separate the background, make it a painting and frame. The step I am probably unable is to separate the curly hair from BG.

Again, if I would expect that interest, I made better pics, but this was only documentative part of big celebration attendees.
I appreciate your imaginative elaboration or intermediate steps too.
I am looking forward.

Best regards, guinness

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