Magic Lenses for 5DII (not necessarily from Canon)

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Magic Lenses for 5DII (not necessarily from Canon)

Hello Everyone,

I'm contemplating investing in some primes for a 5DII (and future full frame Canons) and want input on "magic lenses" -- e.g., lenses that tend to produce photos with a magical artistic quality that goes beyond technical specs. I know that some of you photophiles have compared a vast array of lenses and settled on certain ones for artistic reasons. I'd love to hear which lenses you find delightful or awe-inspiring from an artistic standpoint, perhaps stating:

  • The lens model

  • How and where you find it especially magical

  • What it supersedes / outclasses for you

  • Limitations or weaknesses of the lens

  • links to photos taken with the lens


  • Canon 135L 2.0

  • I love to use this for available light portraits, wide open at F/2. Sharpness, color, saturation, contrast, and bokeh are all uncommonly gorgeous.

  • I was using the 70-200L 2.8, but at 135mm the 135L is better in every way -- faster, sharper, and more beautiful!

  • At 135mm, it's sometimes too long for small quarters.

  • (links)

So -- what are your favorite "magic lenses" out there from Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Canon, etc. that can be used with a 5DII (with or without an adapter) and really stand out as artistic tools?

Many thanks,

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