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Re: Wait!

Steve Dudley wrote:

I do not have to justify my purchase to you or anyone . I bought the latest 18-125 because i owned the previous model and wanted the new one with IS . I bought it purely on my experiences with the previous one which I was happy with. Yes I have read of peoples experiences with the first Sigma 18-125 in relation to focus, I never experienced that and as I said the new one is no better or worse than Canons I own in the same price range. An opinion was asked for I gave it and if someone asks for one in the future I will still give it .

Steve i find it odd that you seem to not read what you wrote yourself. it was not I that first said there was anything wrong with you giving your advice, it was the otherway around. please check your first post in this thread 3 days ago.

Now if you are replying to a post and stating something you have read it is not your opinion it is the opinion of someone else. If you believe their opinions and the OP does fine it does not bother me .

again, you dont seem to get it after numours posts - the point of reviews is not merely getting someone else's opinion (though that is a small part of it), but the real reason is to get expertly gathered data, such as sharpness, CA, distortion stats.

I am not knocking reviews , I do read reviews but unless I have experienced the same as the reviewer, I do not treat them as fact.

"i agree with you only if you agree with me" ???

Now you can have the last word on this if you want but the fact is I own a Sigma 18-125 for its price it is a very good lens and focuses well and I am speaking from the experience I have had with the lens.

10 posts in, you still havent really explained why is the sigma a very good lens for its given price, what other lenses did you compare it to? in which way is it better or worse? got any thing to back it up? apparently none. talking about pure "assumptions and opinions"

Now since we are having two discussions.

Actually like i said, i did this a few month ago and made my purchase. I am very happy with it.

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