Travelling - should I get a second battery? (knock-off?)

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Re: Travelling - should I get a second battery? (knock-off?)

thanks a lot... excellent point!

i read about that some time... but... do u have more information about that? i usually charge them when they have around 10% left - that's what i call "empty" for me... i should have mentioned that... shame on me.

it'd be great to know how many % should be left. do u know more about that?

thx ben.

Ben Seese wrote:

tyler_dx wrote:

i'd get a cheap battery from ebay. so u don't have to recharge ur other battery when it's not empty yet all the time.

Tyler, as a habit, lithium-ion batteries should be recharged from "not empty yet". Draining them to 0% on a regular basis is about the only thing you can do to eventually ruin them. This applies to your cell phone & laptop, too.

As I see it, the 2nd battery's two main purposes would be to cover an unplanned emergency (like misplacing the 1st batt), and to let you keep shooting while the 1st is charging at lunch time if you have a surprisingly 'productive' morning.

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