optimum aperature for Canon lenses

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optimum aperature for Canon lenses

I have 3 Canon lenses and am interested in finding out what the optimum aperture is for sharpness.

I know lenses are weakest when wide open and also when stopped down (due to diffraction). I fully understand that aperture has an effect on DOF. But supposing one were not concerned about DOF i.e. when taking shots of a painting or a wall (straight on) and it were guaranteed to fall in to any of the apertures’ DOF.

Is there a website where this has been tested and results chronicled? A handy table?

I own a 24-70 L, a 10-22 EFS and a 70-200 L IS. What are the sweet spot apertures for these?
If it is relevant, I shoot with a cropped sensor 30D.

And YES, I know Google is my friend but it doesn't seem to be liking me today. I've been reading review after review for these individual lenses but no joy.....
Phil M. - Toronto, Canada

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