Anyone actually "dislike" the NEX UI ?

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Re: 'A' mode very usable

Pete Y wrote:

I’ve used the Nex 5 for three days, and as with all other cameras I own I used mostly the A mode. In fact I was pleasantly surprised after reading all the ‘frustrating, unusable, ludicrous’ remarks from this site. (‘Ludicrous’ was about the A mode, not the remarks.)

Aperture can be changed readily with the scroll wheel. Exposure compensation, drive mode, flash mode are one click away before changes can be made. Changing ISO requires 4 clicks, i.e. 3 more clicks than with a dedicated ISO button. WB, metering mode are on the same menu page as ISO, so instead of the 4 clicks, you’ll need click-click-scroll-click. Believe me, it’s all second nature as to which button to click after a few days of using the camera.

But you don’t need to believe me. Go to a store and try out a Nex. Do this – the first time figure out how to change ISO, or ask the salesperson if you can’t figure it out. Then practise it for ten consecutive times. From the eleventh time onwards you can change ISO pretty fast. Changing ISO in the A mode is not all that ‘ludicrous’ after all and the learning curve is not that steep.

One important point that often gets overlooked about the Nex UI is that it is pretty easy to get used to because your eyes never need to leave the LCD and the button presses and dial scrolling never need more than your right thumb (with your right hand not leaving the grip). It may never happen that you’ll press a wrong button.

I’ve done this comparison. Generally I need three more seconds to change ISO on the Nex than, say my Canon 7D which has a dedicated ISO button. But pushing the right button and scrolling the right dial can sometimes be tricky with the 7D (especially if you’re not used to the camera).

But 3 seconds may mean forever for some photographers. Who knows.

But I agree with DPR about the short battery life, and the Magnified View of MF resetting to the center position after every shot as true cons. I also wish that HDR can work with RAW+jpeg.

I agree with everything you said. The only thing that's bothering me is to keep going back to the menu to adjust the flash compensation. If you are using the "manual" mode, believe me, its a pain to go back and forth into the menu just to get the right flash power for the shot.

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