Advice Requested for Lighting in Banquet Room

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Paul Grupp
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Re: Advice Requested for Lighting in Banquet Room

I have shot hundreds of similar events in similar venues over the last few years. Tempting as it is to write a long dissertation on how I do it, I think that would be a mistake. You can only learn so much by reading about the experiences of others.

My first observation is that you have only one camera body in your equipment list. This is a certain recipe for failure. You may or may get away with it this once, but you're taking a big chance. Don't ever shoot anything like this without a spare for everything, because no matter how good your gear -- it WILL fail on they job.

Second, venues like this are typically unoccupied for hours at a time every day during the week. I suggest you go into the space after the tables have been set up for an event, but before the guests arrive. Bring a couple of friends to serve as models. Practice various lighting techniques, and discover which work reliably for you, and which don't. Figure out how you're going to deal with balancing ambient light with your flash, how to correct metering errors caused by white table cloths, how to shoot with bounce flash without getting dark, ugly eye sockets, and all the rest.

There is no one way to get good light in a venue like this -- you must discover which way works best for you. Having practiced thoroughly before the event, you can then shoot the actual thing with reasonable confidence.


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