Advice Requested for Lighting in Banquet Room

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Advice Requested for Lighting in Banquet Room

I’ve been asked to photograph an anniversary celebration in this banquet room in September. I have the following equipment:

  • Canon 7D

  • Canon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5

  • Canon 50mm f/1.4

  • Canon 100mm f/2.8L macro

  • (1) Canon 550EX and (2) 420EX Speedlites

  • Omni-bounce diffusers for all three flash units

  • Canon ST-E2 wireless transmitter (for flash units)

  • Canon RC-6 wireless remote (for shutter)

  • 60” convertible umbrella

  • 43” shoot-through umbrella

  • (3) light stands

  • Tripod

The ceilings in this room are about 18 ft high (15 ft to the bottom of the soffits). The upper walls and ceilings are an off-white color. Unlike this image that was shot with the room lights on full-power, lighting during the event will be subdued incandescent ceiling and wall lights.

There’s an area just outside the banquet room that will serve well for capturing formal images of the couple, along with family and friends, using the 60” reflective umbrella and 550EX (triggered by the ST-E2) on a stand. My question relates to how best to light the shots taken in this banquet room under relatively low-light conditions. In addition to plenty of shots of the couple celebrating their anniversary, there will be guests sitting at the round tables, as well as dancing on the floor to be captured. For those experienced with shooting events in a room like this in low light conditions, does it appear the walls and/or ceilings will provide suitable surfaces from which to effectively bounce an on-camera 550EX flash? I’m thinking it would be best to bounce the light behind me to my left or right towards the ceiling/walls as much as possible. Any suggestions for how best to
produce flattering lighting in such an environment would be greatly appreciated.

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