All I need is a 24-105 f4L... Am I normal?

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Re: All I need is a 24-105 f4L... Am I normal?

bulos wrote:

I apprenticed in NY shooting products with a marvelous photographer. He did 99% of our stuff on an 8x10 Deardorff and a lone lens smewhere in the 12" or 13" range. He would produce shot after shot of visually stimulating images and there was only 1 time I can remember in some 3 years of assisting him that he went to a shorter lens for a specific shot. He didn't own but the sole "normal' lens however and we had to borrow a shorter lens. This guy was busy all the time.

So that would be roughly speaking a 'standard' lens. I'm pretty sure that if the only use I had for the camera was product shots in the studio I could get by with just one standard prime. Although the inability to choose a closer perspective would be limiting and not something I would want to accept.

Lighting and camera location are too often overlooked.

Lighting is a completely separate issue, and camera location is precisely why having a choice of focal length is so useful.

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