eos550+15-85 -> travel?

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Re: eos550+15-85 -> travel?

Some questions and advices


Where are you from? Where are you going in Brazil? I'm from Brazil and I hope you have a good time here. Brazil is a huge country with many beautiful places. Most people are kind, but a minority can speak English fluently, even at airports. I myself do not know much and I use translators to write here. Something I get lonely, but not all.

Still, needing some advice on what place to visit in Brazil is just ask. I will do my best to help. Now in July I will be traveling to the northeast of Brazil and I'll be out, but in August I'm back.

The advice : Be careful Brazil, especially with your equipment. Always be careful because in some cities, especially large cities, there are some thieves in the streets called "trombadinhas" (pickpockets). They bump with people with the intention of taking that load. I'm not saying this to discourage you, but just to be careful. Carefully, Brazil is a wonderful country to visit. Our politicians are playing to try and improve people's lives. Our President Lula is not all that they say in international newspapers.

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