eos550+15-85 -> travel?

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Re: eos550+15-85 -> travel?

I bought the 15-85 a while ago and I have to say, I never took it off again.

True, the kit lens is (a lot) lighter than the 15-85, but the much bigger range on both ends plus the USM was a deal for me.

If you want to travel light, consider taking the kit lens(es), but if you just want one walk-around lens, the 15-85 is awesome. It makes the rebel a bit heavy on the front end and at least to me, it took a while to get used to the fact, that the lens is actually heavier than the body...

As stated before, the front element on the 15-85 does not rotate while focussing or zooming as opposed to the kit lens, so if you plan to use a polarizer often, that really may make a difference.


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