has the "soft" problem with nex-5 pancake 16mm lens been addressed?

Started Jul 5, 2010 | Discussions thread
Kirill_est Regular Member • Posts: 358
Re: has the

I have the Nex-3 and 16mm, it is poor at 2.8 in the corners and on the edges but already very sharp in the centre of the frame (do not forget to turn up sharpness to +3 in the camera settings , it is woeful at zero, gives you the wrong impression of what this camera can resolve).

So if you for some reason want to do closeups/macro with this lens, its should be OK at wide open because the subject is usually in the centre and everything around is blurred in any case.

Another interesting (subjective) observation is that the corner sharpness is somewhat improved in the Twilight Mode when the camera takes 5 shots in rapid succession at 2.8 aperture and high ISO and combines them into one.

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