Which would you buy now - New G2 or 'Old' GH1

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Which would you buy now - New G2 or 'Old' GH1

What your advice on whether i should pull the trigger for the new G2 panasonic or get the more 'established' GH1?

Here are my brief summary of the good/bad of each camera:
GH1 - Good:
1) Better sensor (everyone says so),
2)Full HD recording (now with a crack even better)

GH1 - Bad:
1) Probably older technology/electronics compared to the newer G2.

2) Some focusing issues - i read someone and one other reported the camera had some focusing confirmation issue which affected the confidence of using the camera.

3) Lug issues - Lugs which would come out over time (although some has mentioned that this was only for older cameras - i'm not so sure, i still read of recent purchases which have also suffered the fate)
4) Control dial at the front gets in the way

G2 - Good:

1) Lastest, so electronics should be better ie. faster and more accurate focusing?
2) control dial is at the back
3) touch screen - could be useful - really.

1) comes only with the sucky 14-42 zoom
2) they say the sensor is not as good as the GH1

What's your opinion?

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