malaysia: photographic (and safe) places to go

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Re: malaysia: photographic (and safe) places to go

retiredbutcycling wrote:

so rather than limit myself too much without reason, i am wondering, if anyone here has been there, if someone else would agree that there is too much danger or not.

i am 69, but in good shape, and spend most of my time walking around and taking pictures.
thanks for any help you can give me.

Hi - I live in Singapore (age 63), but have travelled extensively in Malaysia, both bits.

Assuming a degree of common sense, I would not worry about any of the dangers you mention. Thefts can happen in KL or Kuching, but no more (and probably less) than London or Los Angeles. Dengue and malaria are theoretical dangers, but so is dengue in urbanised Singapore - life is not long enough to spend it on prophylactic drugs. Just go, relax, and have a good time. Take out full medical insurance.

Incidentally my favourite town is Ipoh. Packed with history and architectural interest. KL gets less attractive every time I visit. George Town in Penang is a conservation disaster, as is much of Malacca. Go to the Tier Two places - Kuching is nice. Travel by train - trundling along the single-track narrow gauge lines is fun.

The best thing is the people, mostly charming.

The humidity will affect you more than the camera.

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