Still shooting SLR/n

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Re: Still shooting SLR/n

I acquired myself a Kodak slr/n about 4 months ago. Can't afford a D3/D3s/D3x. I am doing some commercial photography, and I use simultaneously a D300 and SLR/n. I like a lot the results of the Kodak. Yes, as mentionned earier and in a lot of posts, you have to take you time, but for the $600 CDN that I paid for my SLR/n with just 10K actuations, I can not complain at all. This is a really good camera and I will be writing some articles on my website on how to get the most of this camera. In the meantime, here is a sample shot, taken at 5:30pm, using ISO 6 and 15secs exposure time. Too bad that it was windy though.

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