Cybershot TX5 defect?

Started Mar 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
jvnig026 Forum Member • Posts: 84
Re: Cybershot TX5 defect?

It's not exactly a design, but it's not a defect either. It appears that that cover has nothing to do with the waterproof quality of the camera. In a more recent thread about this very same issue, one of the members here said a Sony technician conducted a test for him proving as much. The technician also took the cover off to show him that everything was sealed underneath. I'm inclined to believe him. I have a gap on my TX5 and I haven't had any problems taking it in the water. So, I chalk it up to sloppy manufacturing.

To be honest, I was more worried about dirt and sand collecting inside, but the gap on mine is really slight. Another member could fit a credit card inside the gap on his camera! If the gap on yours is large enough that you think debris could get inside, I would return it if possible.

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