repair cost on 70-200 F4

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Re: Canon charges $180/hour in the USA

Rick Knepper wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

It takes some kind of cyber-sociopath to come out with guns blazing in this way. Maybe you should block my posts.

Yes? And maybe you should think about what you wrote and apologise to the OP, instead of trying to shift the blame onto him for your own mistake.

I won't call you names - the fact that you have responded to me but you haven't had the good grace to correct your mistake says it all for me.

Call me names? You disparaged my character & my intelligence and apparently do not realize that there is no difference. I stand by Sociopath. And I am not your only victim. You are rude and crude to many on this forum.

I will apologize to the OP for unwittingly drawing out the likes of you and promise I will not respond to any more of your nonsense in this thread. Feel free to get the last word.

Then you leave me no option but to speak more plainly. I did not insult your intelligence (read my post again if you have forgotten) - I called you out for your attitude towards other contributors and in particular towards the OP. It is apparently everybody's fault except your own that your response was inappropriate, and the snide and disingenuous "apology" you have now posted just makes it even worse.

There are just two problems here Rick. Your ego, and my tendency to say what others are only thinking.

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