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New King of the Hill

I have been a Mac User and still use Mac, however, not quite happy with the recent release of the MacBook Pro, I decided to look at options. In my junk email I saw a "father's day sale" from Lenovo and lo and behold it was for a W510.

For 2.8K I got the top of the line W510 with their high end screen that has a calibrator built into the laptop. I ordered it with their 500Gig 7200 rpm drive knowing that I was going to change it to an SSD.

It came on Tuesday and my OCZ Vertex 2 250 Gig came on Wednesday. Used Acronis to clone my drive and put the OCZ into the W510.

Results are astounding. The screen is awesome. I currently use an Eizo CG241W with my desktop and have to say, I like the W510 screen as much. Calibration is a breeze and the speed is outstanding.

For the first time I can say, I do not need a desktop, which will be selling shortly, along with display.

Cons, on the setup, the "Touchpad" on the W510 sucks for scrolling. Hopefully it will fixed in a driver upgrade, but it sucks. The touchpad is otherwise very responsive. For real editing I use a mouse anyway.

Other con, is the installed hard drive sucks. To get the most, you WILL need an SSD, which right now, the best bang for the buck is the OCZ Vertex 2 which NewEgg is selling for 650.

Last con, is the size of the power brick, making an otherwise portable machine less portable.

So for 3.5K (not sure what they are selling this config for now) you can have the best kick butt machine on the market that you can carry with you that can and WILL replace just about any desktop out there with as good a screen as any Eizo. I use Eizo's professionally and the screen on the W510 is truly amazing, no ifs ands or buts.

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