1Ds II vs 1Ds III

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1Ds II vs 1Ds III

Now that the 1Ds has matured in the market place and in the hands of experienced photographers, I am hoping that some of you who have used BOTH of them can provide me with some wisdom.

Due to the closing of a local studio, I have the opportunity to get a 1Ds III at an amazing price. In fact, I would probably be able to sell my current 1Ds II for the cost.

I'm happy with the 1Ds II, and find it to be a fine companion to my 1D II N. In fact, I truly believe that I have yet to explore its full potential. For example, I had hoped that it would allow me to do work once reserved for medium format (645), but the largest print it has ever seen are a few 16x20 portraits on canvas.

When it comes to resolution, I believe that the Mark II series both found a nice "sweet spot", offering an optimum compromise in resolution and quality for their respective sensor sizes. (I'm still a fan of images from the original D30, which, to this day, still offered the largest pixel pitch of any Canon-produced CMOS sensor. (The original 1D had a larger pixel pitch, but it was a CCD sensor not produced by Canon. And, as a point of comparison, the new 7D has a pp of LESS THAN HALF that of the old D30.) Yes, I understand that there's more than just pixel pitch involved, but it is nonetheless a primary factor.

Interface-wise, I'm accustomed to they way these cameras communicate with their photographer. The 1D II N improved things slightly with a larger, higher-resolution screen, but I have no complaints about the 1Ds II. (We also have a couple of T1i bodies for personal use, which has a gorgeous display, so I know a little about what I'm "missing" with the 1Ds III compared to the II.)

Things that don't matter:

More cross-type sensors (my f4 24-105 & 70-200 lenses don't take full advantage)

Faster fps (the 1Ds II isn't a slouch for my kind of work, but if I need speed, the III won't beat the 1D II N anyway)

Picture Styles (a nice, but unnecessary addition to the II N, I shoot raw always anyway)

Lithium-ion battery (the old batteries let me shoot all day, and they are interchangable between the two cameras; 1D II N and 1D III batteries and chargers would not be interchangeable)

USB 2.0 (I do not shoot tethered, and I don't use cameras as card readers)

More MP (Is it really enough to make a difference? My guess is no)

Things I like, but none are "deal breakers":

Dust sensor cleaner

Live view (great for indoor portraits with manual focus)

So, it seems that while the 1Ds Mark III is a nicer camera, the II isn't especially lacking in any area for me, and offers benefits (such as interchangable power system with my 1D Mark II N) that matter in the real world.

Any input from others who have used both?

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