LBA: Sigma 8-16/4.5-5.6 HSM first shots

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Re: LBA: Sigma 8-16 lens -- So, what you're saying, Dom, is.....

Gazooma wrote:

I can see your points, strongly put, but quite valid. To be honest, Pentax has always been in last place of the big or DSLR camera brands....

I'm not going point for point & will move on after this comment (sorry tcom). You pretty much stated some of their key issues. Went for a bike ride last night, hook up the tailer for my daughter & tossed the camera gear in with her. it all came back home with me, none of it wound up in the creek

The 645D seems to be a stunning camera in terms of IQ & resolution / detail. I wish I had the cash & the talent for that camera. just WOW!

brand recognition is a huge one. dude wandered into the local camera shop one day, I was there chatting with my buddy. he started asking about cameras & when pentax was mentioned, the remark went something like "oh, they're still made? I thought pentax went under..."

Oly did a huge gamble with the 4/3 & imo, won't pay off in the long run (sensors staying super expensive). now they might be on to something with the auto lens correction but torn with that too, seems to be taking the art out of the slr. got the k200d / stuck with pentax over them when looking at their lenses - I thought L glass was spendy, buy some Zukio glass!

so far, I think the k200d is still fitting my needs, but I'm unsure if I should be buying $700+ lenses for it. imo, I don't see the market holding all of the current mfgrs. someone is going to get clobbered (shut down or bought out / disolved).

back on track: have to thank tcom for sort of wanting this lens still anyway & torn if I should get this one or the older 10-20mm!

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