Corporate Headshot framing solution

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Corporate Headshot framing solution


I've been shooting executive headshots for corporate and non-profit organizations for years, and have only now come across a request from a client for a framing solution for 4 separate boards of directors I've done for them. Each board includes upwards of 70 members. They would like to have the headshots presented in their corporate lobby (realizing that they would have to be around 3"x5" at the most with that number of people), but would like to have the ability to replace heads as people leave, move among the different boards and new people coming in.

I was thinking about 3 general solutions:

1. Collage the headshots into a single, laminated print mounted on a foamcore/gatorboard, which will then be framed. Obviously, a new print will have to be made upon every change (yes, continued income for me, but I'm not sure that would be the most elegant way presentation-wise).

2. Mount & frame each individual 3"x5" print, then find a racking solution that's elegant enough to be used in a corporate lobby. The racking system would have to allow secure hanging of the individual frames (any suggestions?)

3. Mount each individual 3"x5" print on a rigid surface (plexi/metal) and employing some sort of a rail system that will hold the mounted print from top & bottom, practically allowing the images to slide into the rails one after the other (or one on top of the other). This will save space (with no individual frames per print) but may look less elegant. Any suggestions here?

I appreciate your input.

Thanks much,


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