Oly 4/3 adapters (there are TWO)

Started Jun 29, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Is there any difference...

KwhyChang wrote:

between the Olympus MF-2 and the adapter made by Fotodiox Olympus to Micro 4/3, which is considerably cheaper here over the pond?

The third-party FourThirds to Micro-FourThirds adapters are designed to allow people who have "X mount to FourThirds" adapters to use them on Micro-FourThirds bodies at lower cost than buying the Panasonic or Olympus FourThirds-> Micro-FourThirds system adapters.

These third party adapters do not allow either focus or aperture control with FourThirds SLR lenses because they do not connect the electrical contacts required.

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