Fujifilm s1800 - Battery Problem

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Re: Fujifilm s1800 - Battery Problem

Pratap Venkatesan wrote:


I have recently purchased a Fujifilm s1800 and used it for a while with the Alkaline batteries that came along with the kit.

As they got drained off, I used rechargeable NI-MH batteries (two with 2700mAH and two with 2650mAH). The 2700mAH batteries were bought few months back and the 2650mAH was new. I charged all the four batteries in a compatible NI-MH charger.

When I put them in my camera and tried to switch it on, the indicator light turns green and immediately to orange and doesn't power on.. I tried twice, but the same problem.

It was perfectly working fine with the non-rechargeable alkaline batteries that came along with the kit.

Please help me on what can be the issue and how to resolve it...

The S1800 needs to be told in the Setup Menu what type of batteries are being used. There are three choices, alkaline, NiMH and lithium. Did you remember to set it to NiMH? If it's set to either of the other two types the S1800 will probably think that the voltage is too low to operate safely.

As has been already mentioned, it's not a good idea to use batteries unless they're all the same, but if your 2700 and 2650 mAh batteries are in good condition the S1800 should still be able to take a very large number of shots. Fuji's numbers assume that the flash is used at full power for 1/2 of the shots and if the flash isn't used you may even be able to take twice the specified number of pictures. The number is 300 shots for alkalines, 500 for NiMH and 700 for lithium batteries.

You should also be aware that with your rechargeable batteries, to get the claimed 500 shots (remember that your numbers will differ, depending on how you use the camera) you'd have to shoot them within a few days of charging them because standard NiMH batteries lose their charge fairly quickly whether they're in the camera or stored in a drawer. Also, most of the Fuji users that have reported poor battery life (with other cameras, such as the HS10) were not using new NiMH batteries. In almost all cases when they bought a new set of "pre-charged" (aka low self-discharge) batteries, battery life was no longer a problem.

These "pre-charged" batteries may seem at first glance to be inferior because they are currently available with 2,000 and 2,100 ratings, but they're actually much better. In many cases they're good for more shots per charge than higher capacity standard NiMH batteries and lose their capacity at an extremely slow rate, retaining most of their charge even if the last time they were charged was more than a year earlier. First sold by Sanyo they were called "Eneloop" batteries. Now they're available from most battery manufacturers. RayOVac's are "Hybrid". Maxell's are called "Re:Co" (weird). Some don't have a particular name, but they all can be easily identified on their packaging because unlike standard NiMH cells they're able to be used right out of the package without needing the normal initial charge. The packaging will indicate this, either by saying "pre-charged" or "ready to use".

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