SD4000 vs S90 vs ZS6 - Evening indoor shots

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Re: SD4000 vs S90 vs ZS6 - Evening indoor shots

While I did not try the TZ10, I tried the (US) ZS6 which is essentially the same thing without GPS and AVCHD Video. I know many think it is great, but I was unhappy with the high noise levels and muted colors. I tried last year's ZS3 (TZ5) and it produced much cleaner images and better color. They don't have GPS and they don't have all of the Intelligent whatever processing but if I personally was wanting that type of camera I would try to grab a last year's ZS3 while they are still in stock in a few places or wait for next year's models.

I certainly do not claim that the images from the Nikon S570 are pristine and completely noise free. They are not. They are however in my experience much clearner, crisper and more detailed than the images from a number of other cameras in the general $150 - $400 price ranges that I have tried. I don't believe ANY camera in this price range is going to deliver pristine clean and noise free images with no noise reduction artifacts even at base ISO and certainly not with a CCD sensor. With current technology some noise and the loss of detail due to nloise reduction processing is inevitable. I am personally not aware of any camera in this price range and/or in the ultra compact or compact category that will be able meet your low noise requirement. That is why I asked out of curioustiy what you have found that does. I too am very frustrated with the noise of these cameras. Even the S90, for as good as it is, is far from noise free.

Are there better cameras than the Nikon S570, certainly. Are there cameras that also only cost $150 that produce better images than the S570, based on my experience there seems to be very few. As with many small cameras with small lenses, tiny sensors and tiny flash it of course does better outdoors than indoors. Many of the professional reviewers, while not in love with the S570, typtically comment on the relatively low noise, up to ISO 800 crsip images and "reliable" photos from the S570. Based on the hundreds of photos I have seen from my daugheter I would agree with that asessment. It is certaily no DSLR or an S90 but it it did produce cleaner and crsiper images than the Canon SD3500 I tried. If one is looking for something extrodinatly simple to operate (literally point-and-shoot), very small and inexpenisve to pop into you pocket on the way out to the club, to the beach or to the is an excellent option.

We get more quota tomorrow. I will post a few of the S570 images later this week. For a $150 cameraI feel they are quite good and relatively noise free. Of course, it does not have "Canon color." If you veiw the images in the context of coming from a $150 comarea and are not comparing them to the images from a DSLR set up at more than 10x the price, I think you will agree that they are pretty decent. They may not meet your stringent noise requirements, but for many like my daughter, a camera such as S570 produces very satisfactory results that meet their needs.


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