Deciding between Canon 10-22, Sigma 8-16 / other UWA crop lenses

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Re: Deciding between Canon 10-22, Sigma 8-16 / other UWA crop lenses

How does the IQ improve with the Sigma? Is it sharper in centre and corners? Is there less CA?

How do you manage with the bulb sticking out?

Do you have any comparative photos?

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GKA wrote:

So to recap we've got several great reasons to choose the 10-22, and two fairly poor reasons to go with the 8-16 (insignificant improvement in quality, 2mm on the wide end that won't be used much). Add in the price difference and it's a no brainer - get the 10-22 and spend the difference on cheap women & expensive European lagers.

Having used and compared both, and keeping the Sigma, I have a different opinion. The Sigma has better IQ, the extra 2mm at the wide end makes a huge difference in practical terms for certain ultrawide situations, to allow for the shot, and the Sigma is cheaper.

In my book, that makes 3 advantages for the Sigma. Compare the MTF measurements or compare actual photos from the two lenses and the IQ of the Sigma is enough of a reason all by itself to own the Sigma, IMHO.


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