Nikon shooter wants to help friend with Canon Lens choice

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Nikon shooter wants to help friend with Canon Lens choice

I am a Nikon pro shooter and my friend shoots a Canon Rebel EOS XT and has an old Canon 80-200 kit lens that I think is 4.6-5.8

He wants to shoot ice hockey and feels he needs a better / faster lens. The shots / examples he sent

me were pretty bad and at 1600 ISO the fastest he could shoot at was 1/125sec and all his shots were really poor with lots of motion blurr and subject blurr.

So I suggested to him to get something like a 70-200 in the 2.8 range and thought IS would be very helpful.

Now again I know nothing of Canon and only know the 70-200 2.8 IS II would be the way to go but at $2300 it's well ouf his range. He dis mention that he would like to spend about $1000 for this new lens.

I know when I started out on the road to professional photography I first went for a used Nikon 80-200 2.8 without any stabelization and found that to be a wonderful professional lens that I used for 2 years and loved. I think I paid $700 for it off Craigs list. This was a great option till I could afford the 70-200 VR I use today.

So are there any other options for him around $1000 - $1200 ?
also what about good 3rd party lenses?

I also mentioned to him he might want to think about a new body with better low light ability.

Any suggestions will be helpful.


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