5D Mark II - Register camera settings and shooting mode

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Re: List of Registered Settings???

I'm not sure if I understand your question correct, but even the WB, Picture style and the ISO can be saved. Nice if you shoot inside and outside: Manual WB and higher ISO inside or Auto WB and ISO100 outside. I use the user settings more on my 7D for wildlife and BIF:

C1: One shot AF - Single shooting - ISO100. Static shots.

C2: AI Servo - Continues Low - ISO100. For a bit more movements.

C3: AI Servo - Continues High - ISO200 - One step overexposure (because of the bright sky, if needed). For BIF.

Makes it very quick to change the camera mode. Excellent feature.

Thinking of selling my 5DII and the 7D to replace them with a 1D-IV, but I would miss these quick user settings (couldn't find anything this quick for the 1D-IV in the manual).

The only thing I don't like with the User settings is that is goes back to the saved settings if the camera goes to standby (like if you changed the ISO, it will go back to the saved settings when you wake the camera).

By the way, the 5D didn't have this function if I remember correct.


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