Help/Advice on my Site and my Career Path?

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Re: Help/Advice on my Site and my Career Path?

HI Gene,

Second go as the previous message seems not have uploaded???

My apologies Gene, i must admit i was using list view and lazily pressed the reply button, i must remember not to do that. My thanks to you for double checking and realising i was replying to the OP.

Yes, it does seem i was a bit harsh in my description.

I love your pic by the way of the baby. Great expression, capturing their delight.

I concurr 5 images is to small a sample size. I suggested this because i Assumed ( i know i know) that the OP did not have many to choose from. But if they have it - it would be great to have 12-20 pics per type of photography. I felt some of the images let the better ones down and therefore it seemed inconsistent.

All the best!

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