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Re: Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II on CIS

William Pesch wrote:


Thank you for the insights of Canon CISS potential problems.

What you don't know can certainly cause problems that you were not expecting.

So, your recommendation is, if one is to get this Canon printer, is to refill the cartridge a few times (before the sponge goes) and then purchase a new cartridge and start this process over again.

The Canon Pro 9000 Mark ll is a dye based ink printer. Will any of the major CISS manufacturer's inks be okay?

Or, should I buy an Epson 1400 dye based printer and use a CISS system with it.

Is the dye type ink subject to the particle settlements as you noted for the pigments type ink? If not, then a CISS system that supplies ink from tubes on the bottom of the reservoir bottles will be okay?


Thank you for your responses

The Canon CLi-8 cartridges can be refilled many times (up to 15-20 times) without the slightest flow problems and done in a proper way and with the right type of refill ink (Hobbicolors UW-8, Image Specialists CLI-8, OCS). At the website you will get the right information how to refill (german durchstich refill method) and how to purge these cartridges when ink flow is significantly diminished after some time.

If you want CISS, then the Epson 1400 is way better and will function much more reliable than a CISS with the Canon Pro 9000 cartridge and you can even convert to pigment ink to achieve archival prints. I made a printing video at with my new Epson 1400 converted to pigment ink CISS and also important: with a external waste ink bottle to redirect the waste ink from the internals (which will stay clean much longer) to this particular waste ink bottle:

Please look at the comment about this CISS and usage. It might give you some clues, about some practival tips for using pigment inks using this printer.

Dye inks can be used in a CISS where the ink tubing is at the bottom of the external tanks without any problems, because dye ink is a true solution, whether pigment is a dispersed micro-suspension of particles. So no risk of flow problems when particles settle down at the bottom over time.

I have noticed the Epson 1400 prints even better than my previous Canon i9950 (which is the forerunner of the Canon Pro 9000: same printhead, same 8 colours, same 4800x2400@2 pl printing dpi). Print speed is about the same.

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