USB Cable for D90

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Re: USB Cable for D90

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus – notice the word Universal. Computers have female A-type plugs so one end of most USB cables have a male A-type plug. The other end may have male B-type, male Micro USB B-type, male Mini USB (8-pin) B-type, male or Mini USB (5-pib) B-type. Nikon uses the Mini USB (5-pin) B-type plug, so any cord with a male Mini USB (5-pin) B-type plub at one end and a male A-type at the other end will work to connect your camera to your computer.

I would strongly suggest that you get card reader and use it rather than your camera. It is real easy to snag the cord and pull the camera off your desk when using a camera-to-computer connect – I speak from experience. I was downloading my files and my Daughter called me, I turned my chair to look at her and the arm of the chair caught the cord. The camera was perched on top of my computer and it was pulled off the tower, and fortunately my reflexes were fast enough that I caught it before it struck the floor.

There is also quite a drain on the battery while the camera is attached if the camera is turned on – the camera will not go to sleep while plugged into the computer. Lastly that Mini plug isn't very big, and it also isn't real durable. Before I retired I worked for one of the large office supply chains and I saw a number of cameras returned due to inoperable USB plugs.

My card reader cost $15 and is a small (about the size of a Thumb Drive) unit that will plug directly into a A-type receptacle or attach with a cord – I leave mine attached all the time with a short cord. The card reader is much faster than the camera when it comes to downloading files. The other nice thing about a card reader is that it shows up on the computer as a mass-storage device so you can both read and write to it – you can only read from the card with the camera-to-computer connection.

While amateurs change the camera’s settings; many Pro’s prefer to change the light.


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