G1 and 14-140 lens--HELP!!

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G1 and 14-140 lens--HELP!!

Yesterday I received the 14-140mm lens that I purchased from ebay. It was listed as "OPEN BOX/PACKAGE ITEM IN NEW CONDITION, BOX IS MISHANDLED AS PICTURED, NO IMPACT TO LENS". Well, after trying it on my G1, I'm beginning to think that the impact that damaged the box may have also damaged the lens. Before I contact the seller, though, I want to make sure I'm not doing something stupid and/or have something set wrong in the camera.

When I turn on the camera with the 14-140 lens attached, the internal focusing mechanism of the lens automatically starts trying to focus on whatever the camera is pointed at; it does this without me ever having touched the shutter release. If I move the camera and point it at something else, the lens tries to readjust the focus, again without me ever having touched the shutter release. The lens never achieves proper focus on it's own, though. If I then half-press the shutter button to try to get the lens to auto-focus, nothing happens--the camera/lens doesn't make any attempt to correct the focus. If I full-press the shutter button, again, nothing happens--no attempt to correct the focus and the camera will not take a photo.

I know this lens was designed for taking video, but since I've never done any kind of video recording, I don't know if this lens' attempt to automatically focus is normal. Or, does my description sound like the lens is broken?

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