Trading 450D for 550D

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Re: Just be Patient!

Just trying to say to You that if You want to See any actual improvement
in Your pictures from the camera You have now, You will have to wait for
the 'Next Generation', which will be arriving sooner than expected!
Then, maybe we will get Real Improvements, things like improved
Auto focusing, a Tilting LCD, Improved Sensor Technology, not just
more megapix, better viewfinder, better shutter, or no shutter at all?
I guess a 7D + MORE, for the price of a 550D OR Less!

Anyone here that trys to convince us that they can tell the difference between

the exact same picture taken with a 500D and a 550D, under the Exact same lighting condition, with the Exact same Exposure Settings, with the Same LENS
set manually at the exact Same focus point, on a tripod, etc. and taken in
RAW and converted with the Same software,
Anotherwords, a TRUE Apples to Apples comparison,
Is a person who obviously is a techno-freak, who doesn't know what he/she's
doing, not some who primarily enjoys going out and taking pictures.
They probably spend More time on this website, than they do with
camera in hand?

If your talking Video, that a Different Story, but that's not
The Subject of the Poster, right?
Now if we're talking 5DmkII ,now we're Getting Excited!

They just want to justify the purchase of their Newer Toy!
And to Who, and for What?
Who Cares, it's just Money, this hobby is just as good a way to
waste it as any other!
On the subject of Money, if it's Limited, throw it away on some
Good"F" Glass, instead, ("F" as in Full Frame in Your Future!)
Now, with Good Glass, and Your 500D, Your way ahead of a 'plain' 550D!

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