Wireless remote shutter release for D300s

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Re: Wireless remote shutter release for D300s

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Soon after I bought a D300 (first day they were out), I started hearing about Phottix. Within a month I bought the first version, the N1. Worked fine then, and still does. Cost was $15, plus $15 shipping from Hong Kong to Phoenix.

A year later I bought a Phottix Cleon ($35, shipping included). It's better than the N1 because it has an on-off switch (N1 turned itself off after some idle time, which could lead to missed shots), and the on-camera part had a hot shoe mount (which allowed you to see the red/green indicator lights so you knew it was working properly).

The Cleon still works fine too. I have had an issue with it twice now, when I dropped it. It quit working and wouldn't power on. Both times the problem was that the battery holder bent out under the weight of the battery due to the fall. I just opened it up and bent the holder back.

Can't beat it for the price!

Look for them on eBay, from etefore/hksupplies. Probably elsewhere too.

Can the Phottix Cleon trigger mirror lock up wirelessly?

I don't see why would you not be able to do that with any trigger. MUP is set on the dial of the camtera and the trigger should just trigger it. I don't have the Phottix but my cheapo one has no problems. It can also handle Bulb mode.

Hi Olyflyer,

I'm not sure if I understand you. Are you saying that you enable MLU on your Nikon camera before triggering the shutter with your remote? I was hoping to trigger MLU on the remote and not on the camera. I don't think there is MLU option on the dial, at least not on my D300.


MUP is a Release mode function of the camera. The D300/D300s has a dial which is called "Release mode dial" where you can set different release modes, MUP (mirror lock up) is one of them. Once you have set the dial you can trigger the camera shutter release by pressing the shutter release button on the camera or on the remote trigger. Pressing the button will raise the mirror and pressing it once again will trigger the shutter blades, take the image and lower the mirror.

As I said, I don't know the Phottix remote but that's the way it works with my remote and my D300s. With the Olympus E-3 and E-500 I had before this one, I had to select MUP in a menu. I don't know how other cameras work.

Are we talking about the same here? Some people mean self timer when they say mirror lock up, some others mean the Bulb and there are even people who mean the cleaning mode. Mirror lock up for me is the mirror lock up necessary to stabilize the camera before taking the image in some situations on tripod.

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