Wireless remote shutter release for D300s

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Re: Wireless remote shutter release for D300s

olyflyer wrote:

Sgt_Strider wrote:


Soon after I bought a D300 (first day they were out), I started hearing about Phottix. Within a month I bought the first version, the N1. Worked fine then, and still does. Cost was $15, plus $15 shipping from Hong Kong to Phoenix.

A year later I bought a Phottix Cleon ($35, shipping included). It's better than the N1 because it has an on-off switch (N1 turned itself off after some idle time, which could lead to missed shots), and the on-camera part had a hot shoe mount (which allowed you to see the red/green indicator lights so you knew it was working properly).

The Cleon still works fine too. I have had an issue with it twice now, when I dropped it. It quit working and wouldn't power on. Both times the problem was that the battery holder bent out under the weight of the battery due to the fall. I just opened it up and bent the holder back.

Can't beat it for the price!

Look for them on eBay, from etefore/hksupplies. Probably elsewhere too.

Can the Phottix Cleon trigger mirror lock up wirelessly?

I don't see why would you not be able to do that with any trigger. MUP is set on the dial of the camtera and the trigger should just trigger it. I don't have the Phottix but my cheapo one has no problems. It can also handle Bulb mode.

Hi Olyflyer,

I'm not sure if I understand you. Are you saying that you enable MLU on your Nikon camera before triggering the shutter with your remote? I was hoping to trigger MLU on the remote and not on the camera. I don't think there is MLU option on the dial, at least not on my D300.

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