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Re: Advice on photo

Thanks for the advice. Is there any rule of thumb that I could follow when taking such photos?


Zoe James wrote:
Way over-exposed.

There is a tendancy for newcomers to light up nightscene like it
was day. I did it on my first serious nightscene shoot decades
ago. My exposure time was 2 or 3 minutes. The fact is night scene
should look closer to night, with shutter speed closer to several
seconds instead of minutes.


CWK wrote:


These are my first night scenes taken with my D100 using the Nikon
18-35mm lens.

I realised that the photos have a tint of orange . Is this caused
by overexposure or the wrong white balance setting?

The sensitivity settings for both photos are ISO 400 with auto
white balance.

Please kindly advise. Thanks.


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