85/1.8 is Canon's best lens...?

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pandalee Veteran Member • Posts: 3,075
Re: 85/1.8 is Canon's best lens...?

maybe they are the most objective real lens review , indeed.

I always thought the 85f1.8USM is underrated and its coner sharpness is just amazingly good and better than most but I strongly disagree their opinion that lens being a better portrait lens than the Nikon 85f1.4D.........I have both and use them both very often and I feel very worng about it here.

However , maybe in objective very objective sense of optical qualities measured in a sceintific lab, the 85f1.8USM actually a bit better lens than the Nikon 85f1.4d , so, an objective review is not always better.

goodlucksdk wrote:

Their camera sensor reviews so far seemed to make sense, but I also lookied into their lens reviews they started recently. They appeared useless to me.

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