Trading 450D for 550D

Started Jun 23, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Trading 450D for 550D

I upgraded from the 450 to the 550D. I am very impressed with the 550D for all the reasons that others have mentioned.

Additionally, I find the 550D to be more "sensitive to light", for lack of a better description. With my 450D, and ESPECIALLY my 300D, it seemed like my options for shutter speed and aperature were too often limited by available light, and my only option was to increase the ISO. With the 550D I have been able to shoot with lower ISO, and still have freedom to stop the lens down to gain DOF, and/or increase the shutter speed. It's been a very pleasant benefit that I hadn't counted on.

And as someone else mentioned, my 550D pics just look better in general. I am regularly impressed by random shots that I took that I figured would be an average unimpressive exposure, until I look at them and find that they look much better than I figured they would. It's also easier to get a good idea of how a shot turned out on the 550D display versus the 450D display.

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