GXR? - yawn

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GXR? - yawn

I should get a harp, and harp on a bit .... Or maybe a violin and play a miserable tune forever .... Or maybe a drum and bang on it in a monotonous way. In any case it would be boring.

But the GXR has become boring, past it's use-by date, an as yet to be seen orphan of questionable parentage. Unwanted and unloved except by those who have come to know it.

Obviously it has good character and is charming and hard working for those that have adopted it. But like all orphans there are hardly a surplus of foster parents willing to take the trouble and expense of the adoption process.

For all the froth and the bubble retailers here do not stock it (I guess I have said this once or twice before) and the plain fact is that if Ricoh cannot get it into the shops then only the committed will seek it out and the truth is that I am as committed as the next Ricoh enthusiast and frankly there is nothing there that gets me bothered.

There was a mild flicker of interest when the perhaps interesting P10 kit was mooted at a keen price but apparently the Australian distributer wants to have a gentle rip off on the exchange rate. Not having a bar of it - I would have liked to see the same effective price as the rest of the world namely the USA. However they are direct importers/sellers there and no middle men so that might be the explanation.

Call it what you like I am not having a bar of it. After the GXR what might life bring? Increasingly it looks less and less like another Ricoh.

Not about to set up my orphan's home just for the GXR but it is looking like Ricoh bet the farm on the GXR and the mortgagee is getting anxious. At least in Australia - I guess we are a small market and there is obviously the market in Japan I suppose.

I still think there will be no CX4 and if so there might be a GRDIV in a few years time but if we are relying on the GXR for camera excitement then she is going to be a dull old time.

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