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Sigma International Warranty

Evening all, well at least in the UK.

Thought I would share a few things I have discovered about the Sigma International Warranty recently, things that aren't printed on their web site, at least not on the UK site.

Take a seat, its a bit windy

From a UK perspective:

1. As we probably all know the 3 year UK EX warranty is only valid for lenses that are Genuine UK stock. That is you fill in the EX warranty form on-line with your lens serial number and your details and if the serial number is in the Sigma UK inventory database they will email you the 3 year warranty and register the lens - fine.

2. For all other Sigma lenses, non-EX and non-UK genuine stock the warranty is limited to one year. I expect we all knew that as well - great.

3. Now then if you want to effect a warranty repair you have two choices:
a. You can send the lens back to your retailer - ok.
b. You can send the lens direct to Sigma UK - super.

4. If you send the lens back to your supplier under warranty, then you will most likely receive either a new one, or a lens of equal quality, but not new. They are under no obligation to return your original lens, or a new one, only one of equal quality and of course the same model, so you may end up with just another load of rubbish, or one that is actually older than the one you sent back.

5. So would I be correct in thinking that most of us would prefer to send our defective lenses direct to Sigma for repair, or servicing, so we know we will be getting a lens back that is, hopefully, better than the one we sent in?

6. Now if you have a lens that is genuine UK stock and want to send it back to Sigma, then its easy, all you have to do, according to their web site, is return it to the address supplied, including proof of purchase and the fault description - jobs a good-un.

7. Ok so if the lens is not a genuine UK stock item, ie. it does not exist in the Sigma UK inventory database. Then if you want to send it back to Sigma directly you will need: Proof of purchase, The VAT receipt for it, The Customs Duty receipt , the Original Warranty Card stamped and dated by the supplier and the fault description.

A. None of this is specified on their web site. Only Proof of Purchase is specified.

B. If you send it off to Sigma with any of the above missing they will send you a quote for out of warranty repair, or servicing.

C. Now then, if you have imported the lens your self and had it delivered from a supplier outside the UK, then, provided the carrier has complied with the law and charged you the full import taxes (VAT + Import Duties) when they delivered it, then you will be in possession of the VAT and Import Duties receipts. If they did not charge you then you will not be able to get a warranty repair from Sigma directly cos you won't have all the doco. You will have to send the lens back to the place you bought it from, Hong Kong maybe...

D. Right now the really imppossible part comes if you have purchased the lens from an on-line retailer, in the UK, that is selling non-UK stock and believe me there are loads and loads of them, I will list a few later. So you have this lens and want to send it to Sigma, don't forget you will need:
D.1. Proof of Purchase - Easy, this is the on-line receipt.

D.2. VAT Receipt - You may be able to get one of these, but you will have to ask for it. This would normally be the till receipt with the companies VAT number on it.

D.3. The Import Duty receipt - This is to proove that the lens has been imported correctly and the supplier has paid all the legal duties on it - You will not be able to obtain this from your on-line supplier. The lenses will have been imported in bulk, or as a batch and there will be no documentation relating your individual lens.

8. So as you can see if you are in possession of a Non-UK serial number Sigma lens, purchased from a UK supplier and need to send the lens back, you will have to return it to the retailer, you have no choice. Sigma will not touch it with a barge pole.

Stockists Of Genuine UK Serial Number Lenses:
If there not listed here then the lens will not be a genuine UK stock item.

Two of the bigest retailers of Sigma lenses who purport to carry genuine UK stock, but actually don't are:

Amazon and Purelygadgets, although to be fair Purelygadgets give their own 5 year warranty on all lenses.

Its a minefield out there, beware...

Its probably best to ask the retailer for the serial number of the lens you intend to purchase and the get it checked by Sigma UK first, regardless of what they tell you.
Graham Dyke

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