mzd 9-18mm UWA -- circular polarizer question

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Karsten Meyer
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Re: Polarizer on an UWA

WT21 wrote:

Does it ALWAYS create that effect, or only in certain situations. That is, if doing a landscape with the sun coming from one side, that seems to be the case, but what about more of a street scene (using the Pol to cut down on reflected glare).

I'm not sure. I heared of that problem, and it sounded reasonable.

Maybe I'll just try one anyway.

Good idea. You can take any bigger polarizer and just hold it by hand. It needs not to be fixed to function.

Would be gread if you report here!

Karsten Meyer wrote:

As already mentioned: There is no need for a circular type.

But in addition: A polarizer may bring strange results at such wide angles because at the left the light has another direction as at the right...


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