Walking in the park with my E-PL1.................

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Re: Lofty......

Marla wrote:

I posted a message above, but somehow it disappeared.

Here it is - sorry for a 2nd post.

Without hijacking Moho's thread, I just wanted to add a comment to Moho's comments to Lofty.

As you can see from Moho's images, the kit lens is superb in the right hands.

The 50mm/f2 lens is quite slow on the E-PL1 (which in fact is a great camera). I purchased the E-620 mostly to use with this lens - and the AF is much better. Just wanted to add this in case you're thinking of selling your E-3 - the AF is much faster for the 50 which is a relatively slow lens.


It's slow on the EP1 also, to the point that I don't bother to use it. But I find it pretty fast on the E3 (faster than most have said).

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