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Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Just curious if anyone has used the Nissin flashes wirelessly (with multiple units). I'm curious about reliability, range, user interface, etc. I have extensive experience with the older Canon units (550/ 420 generation... sold them some years ago). Is function and use similar?

I've also used Canon Speedlites (580EX and 550EX) in the past, but currently, I am mostly using Nikon.

My experience is with the Nikon version of Nissin Di866. It has an TTL wireless mode that is compatible with Nikon's wireless mode (called "AWL" by Nikon). It works just as reliable as my Nikon SB-800 Speedlight, both as commander and remote. This means fine indoors, but it struggles oudoors, in particular in bright light. I remember this was also the case with my Canon Speedlites.

I use the pop-up flash on my Nikon D80 as commander, and have up to three remote flashes (two Nissins and one Nikon). This work seamlessly together. The user interface on the Nissin not great (see my review - link at the end), but I manage.

Unlike the Canon Speedlites, it also have two manual (non-TTL) wireless modes: One that trigger at first flash from the lead, and one that ignores the pre-flash. The second of these manual modes should be very useful for Canon users, because they should be able to use the camera's built-in flash as lead. (I believe most Canon DSLRs come without a commander mode for the built-in flash). Unfortunately, this mode has an annoying bug, which I discuss in detail in my review.

Here's a link to my review:

The Di622 is a cheaper and simpler beast. It has no TTL wireless mode, and only a single manual wireless mode (one were it ignores the pre-flash).
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