Trading 450D for 550D

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Re: Trading 450D for 550D

I had the 450 for a while before buying a Nikon D5000, and now I have the 550D.

I think the focus is a little better on the 550d, and of course you also have that very good video recording option.

In regard to picture quality, I found the 450 was pretty good, and when comparing shots taken from the 450 and the D5000, there was really little difference. TBH I dont see a lot of difference in actual image quality from the 450 and my current 550d, I would like to believe the 550 is a touch better, but it's barely noticable, though it definately is better when some good glass is on the front, though the kit lens is fairly reasonable anyway.

So a difficult choice, I think the focusing on the 550 is pretty good, and quite fast too, and there is that very nice video option, which is actually very good indeed for a DSLR. The low noise high ISO is also worth mentioning.

TBH, if you have no interest whatsoever in the video option, the advantages are not that great, I don't think there's a lot of visible benefit by having the larger pixel count, focus is slightly better, the low noise higher ISO is quite handy, as is the better exposure system, slightly better LCD etc.

Majority of people buy the 550D not just for the extra goodies, but a big factor is that they also like to own the latest,most recent model, ie. the snob yes that does exist a little even with camera's.

Your choice.

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