Trading 450D for 550D

Started Jun 23, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Trading 450D for 550D

Tara Pacheco wrote:

I've been hoping to upgrade to a 5D, but can't justify the price now or in the foreseeable future. From what I've been hearing and reading, however, a nice upgrade from the 450D would be the 550D.

Apart from the video, which I would not use and is of course a huge upgrade if you would use it, for me the increased IQ is worth it. The 550D handles noise in shadow areas a lot better, and higher ISO settings get to be usable too.

So to me, the upgrade makes sense, although I do not like the prospect of even bigger RAW files.

Has anyone gone from the 450D to the 550D, or can anyone at least tell me if it's worth the upgrade?

I will not (yet) upgrade my 450D, for money reasons. Whether it will make sense for you I do not know, as I do not know what makes you feel you want to upgrade from the 450D (which is a nice DSLR).

So... first tell what makes you want to upgrade.

Also... no mention of what you use it for, what kind of lenses you use. Upgrading/expanding lenses can be much more worthwhile that upgrading a DSLR body.

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